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we are what we think

Our brain is expert in decision making. Maybe you never stopped to think or maybe you are also hostage to this information. From our birth, everything we participate, watch and experience is stored in our brain, ready for execution. Still in the mother's womb, we have the ability to feel and perceive everything they, our parents, are experiencing.

It is understandable to understand, then, that everything we receive, even as a fetus or child, we will reproduce in adult life. It means that we all have two options: walk according to the same rule, the same cycle, the same format or walk remodeling, adapting, adjusting, breaking cycles and creating new ones.

In practice, I can expand the options or I can pull back, encounter difficulties, fears, insecurities and weaknesses. We grew up listening, watching and participating in a negative process. Logically, we have in our mind the great possibility of reproducing patterns, in a negative, frustrating and demotivating way.

Depends on me.

From understanding to skills

1st: Train your brain for positivity. The mind has the power to attract and project action. How many people do you know who at the beginning of the Pandemic said hundreds of times that they would make their mind sick on this walk of care, fears and insecurity? Well, yes, mental illness came and ended with the person. Dozens of times, we hear people say that we were born sad and poor and that we should remain that way. Surely your brain will lead you down this path of sadness and poverty. People who, when getting ready for a party, already anticipate that the party will not be pleasant, logically that their brain will read an unfavorable, grotesque and unpleasant environment.

2nd: Defrost the heart. Love more. When we love, we start to give different values ​​to what we have, to what we live with and what we do. Loving more is not saying "I love you" more often, but making this love happen more often. It's being grateful for what you have, it's stopping complaining. It's recognizing faults, it's apologizing, it's forgiving, it's having humility. It's letting go of stubbornness and making room for possibility. It's letting go of bitterness and embracing this new positive-minded being.

3rd: Shield your mind from negativity. Hundreds of times we are subject to living and being with completely negative people who end up providing a toxic, unhealthy, contagious and demotivating environment. As well as countless internal and external dialogues start to accelerate this contamination. To do so, build an invisible wall in your mind, where everything that comes negative does not reach the other.

4th: Believe in yourself, that you are capable of putting all these steps into practice. Believe that each day will be an advance on this journey and that it will only depend on you for the change to happen.

Congratulations, it will certainly be a great achievement, celebrate, vibrate your success. When we advance on this path, other great achievements will come as a consequence, including the financial one that will guarantee the realization of your dreams.

Only you have the power to command what is inside your brain and your heart.

Diana Ceolin is a Speaker, Mentor, Businesswoman, Civil Servant and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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